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Children's Toys at our preschool in Edmonton

Hermitage Playschool

Where your child's journey to learning begins!

Edmonton Playschool Bunny

Who We Are

Hermitage Playschool is a nonprofit society that has been providing children in the area with a friendly, nurturing and educational program for over thirty years.

Wooden Toys

Our Objectives



Play is the heart of learning! Our vibrant play spaces and imaginative activities create an environment where children develop essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills through hands-on exploration and collaborative play.



We guide children through engaging activities such as singing, counting, and science, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We introduce key concepts ensuring each child's educational journey is both enjoyable and enriching.



We focus on building your child's character, self-expression, and social-emotional well-being. We create a nurturing environment tailored to each child's development where they can thrive and build the confidence they need for a bright future.

Our 2020-2021 School Year

Register for 2024-2025

Enrolling your toddler in our playschool promises a world of benefits for their overall growth and development. Our dedicated team of educators creates a warm and inclusive environment where your child can explore, learn and socialize, fostering a love for learning from an early age.


With a curriculum designed to stimulate both cognitive and social skills through play-based activities, our playschool provides a solid foundation for your toddler's future academic success and personal well-being.

Children's playschool drawings
Children's preschool drawings

View Our Spaces!

Dinosaur field trip
Finger Painting in School
Love you forever playschool day
Soccer with the Edmonton Police
Edmonton Police play preschool soccer
Aquarium Field Trip Preschool
Class Pet Mylo,  bunny
Tie Dye field trip playschool
Artist wall at playschool
Coat room at preschool
Outdoor Adventure at Playschool
Indoor Playschool activities
Learning wall at preschool
Arts and Crafts at Edmonton Playschool
Class Bunny, Mylo
Playschool walks in Edmonton
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